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Creation of ecommerce site

Do you want to get started on the web and develop your online business? You don't have the time to do it and want to call on professionals? No problem, at Devloop, we are experts in creation of e-commerce sites and online stores! We develop robust solutions, using the most efficient CMS of the market, while optimizing each line of code on your website so that it is ultra-efficient, fast and pleasing to your users!

In addition to your e-commerce site, we provide you with a management space to manage your products or services, your orders, your shipments and all the logistics linked to an online store. In fact, we take care of everything: integration of the payment solution, click and collect, legal notices, cookies, confidentiality, training, etc....

With a tailor-made design and unrivaled performance, we give your online store a professional dimension and we offer your users a unique experience in order to build their loyalty. A real tool optimized to have the best natural referencing possible (SEO), get ahead of your competitors, increase your visibility and gain market share by entrusting us with your project

What is an
e-commerce site?

An e-commerce site (or online store) is a website where goods or services are sold. It is the equivalent of a physical store but on the web. It presents its products or services for sale to the public. An e-commerce is broken down into two parts: a showcase part where the Internet user can discover the products or services and make purchases, but also a management space part (or back-office) where only the site administrators web will be authorized to visit, they will then be able to manage their products or services as well as administer all the logistics of an online store.

Why choose our agency
for your e-commerce site?

Best CMS

We use the best CMS (Content Management System) like Woocommerce, Prestashop, Shopify or others.

Back office

We provide you with a back office adapted to your needs and the management of your online store.


Once your e-commerce has been developed, we train you in the use of your management space (or back-office).


At Devloop, we only create optimized sites so that they are best referenced in search engines.


We optimize our code so that your site is fast, light, fluid, with loading time reduced to a minimum.

User Experience

The user of the site is the one who must be convinced: our e-commerce sites are clear, fast, refined and easy to use.

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