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Website creation

We take over or create your website so that it best represents your brand. We imagine a personalized and tailor-made design to guarantee you a strong and unique image.

Over the years, we have developed technical expertise that allows us to provide you with high-performance, robust, reliable websites, where ergonomics and user experience, or even accessibility, are not left out.

By focusing on the eco-design of your website, you will obtain a site that is more efficient, lighter, less energy-consuming and therefore better referenced by search engines like Google and more visible to Internet users.

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Showcase site

We imagine and design a beautiful and efficient site to make your brand visible and boost your online presence.


Woocomerce, Prestashop, Shopify... or others. Whatever the solution, we develop the online store you need.

Site redesign

We take and improve your existing website so that it becomes a real marketing and conversion tool.

Tailor-made development

We offer tailor-made development for web applications or other features and software that you want.

Web hosting

We host your website on our eco-responsible servers to guarantee a fast and environmentally friendly site.

Web maintenance

A site must be maintained to remain efficient and referenced, we offer several web maintenance solutions.

Eco-responsible hosting

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Custom design

Custom Design

We strongly believe in the importance of a strong and original visual identity. Our designers will work closely with you to understand the very essence of your brand and create a bespoke design that perfectly represents it. Every element, every color and every typography will be carefully selected to create an engaging and memorable viewing experience.

Exceptional performance


We are obsessed with the performance of our websites. We implement best practices in web development to ensure fast loading speed, responsiveness and stability. We optimize every line of code, every image and every feature to give your visitors a smooth and immersive experience.



Choose an ecological commitment. We believe in the need to preserve our environment, which is why we adopt sustainable web development practices. From optimizing energy consumption to reducing digital waste, we ensure that your website is designed with respect for the environment, without compromising its quality or performance.

Optimized user experience

User Experience (UX)

Optimizing the user experience is essential today, which is why we pay particular attention to the ergonomics of your website. We create intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces, providing smooth navigation and total immersion for your users, encouraging engagement and conversion.

Natural referencing (SEO) optimized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website will be developed keeping SEO best practices in mind. Our team of SEO experts will put in place effective strategies for optimizing your site's content, structure, and tags to maximize its visibility in search engines, including Google. Thereby attracting qualified traffic and increasing your chances of online success.

Optimized web quality and accessibility

Web quality
and accessibility

We strive to provide the highest quality websites that comply with relevant standards and regulations. We also ensure that your website is accessible to all users, including those with specific needs. Every aspect of your site is carefully considered to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all visitors.

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Discover our methodology

We develop projects adapted to your needs, offering you unfailing availability as well as strong adaptability and agility. Expertise, listening and performance are Devloop's values. The quality of the projects delivered and the customer satisfaction are our daily drivers. Over the years, through our experience, we have developed a robust and functional method, based on agility, listening and communicating with our customers.

1. Imagine

Together, we imagine your end-to-end solution and its evolution, as well as the actions to put in place for its success. This is the implementation of a real product strategy.

2. Design

This is the product design phase, i.e. bringing your idea to life. This involves a prototype or a wireframe, or the creation of its visual identity by our UI/UX designers.

3. Develop

Once the idea and the solution are framed, it's time for the development phase. The product is created using the latest, most efficient technologies then tested extensively.

4. Deploy

After delivery, your solution is deployed and open to all, it's time to implement an effective digital marketing strategy to gain market share and create as much value as possible.

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