What is SEA (paid SEO)?

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SEA is the acronym for «Search Engine Advertising».

To increase the visibility of a website and its notoriety, there is SEO («Search Engine Optimization» or natural referencing) which aims to place your site naturally in the first Google search results (or other search engines) and the SEA or «Search Engine Advertising» which has the same objective but with the help of paid advertisements. These advertisements are created via tools like GoogleAds and allow rapid referencing thanks to targeted advertisements and configured to appear next specific keywords and terms.

You can easily recognize an advertising or SEA ad among Google results thanks to the «Sponsored» indication above the link to the website.

What is SEO?

Why do paid SEO?

The objectives of SEA are simple:

  • Generate targeted traffic : in fact, the ads are defined on specific keywords corresponding to the search intention of the Internet user,
  • Increase your notoriety and visibility: if you put in the budget, you can quickly appear among the first results on Google, so you generate a lot more traffic to your website thanks to these ads,
  • Generate new sales and new customers: more traffic means more potential buyers and therefore new customers and new sales.

How to do SEA or paid SEO?

Advertising campaigns (or GoogleAds campaigns) are billed on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, meaning that you only pay if an Internet user clicks on your ad. Setting up a paid SEO campaign goes through the following stages:

  • Determine a budget: set a daily budget which cannot be be outdated,
  • Target your keywords: you must determine the list of keywords corresponding to a user's search intentions on which your ads will be broadcast,
  • Configure the content of your ads: titles, content, images... everything is configurable and will play a role in the distribution of your ad and in increasing your notoriety.

What are the advantages of paid SEO?

The advantages of SEA or paid referencing are diverse but we can retain three:

  • A rapid increase in visibility: if your budget is consistent, you are directly placed among the best search results on the first pages,
  • A additional help with SEO: SEA is an adequate tool to support the SEO and natural referencing of your website,
  • A better audience targeted: thanks to advertisements configured on certain keywords and search intentions.

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