What is a
website audit?

Web audit: take stock of the existing situation

Website audit

This is the in-depth and detailed analysis of your website, from the study of its performance to its natural referencing (SEO). We examine your website from every angle to detect its strengths and weaknesses.

Through our various tools, we collect useful data in order to build a detailed report on the health of your website. Via various criteria evaluation, we set an evaluation grid and analyze the results in order to present you with a summary and the areas for improvement and the strategy to put in place to optimize the existing.

A site audit allows you to take stock of the current state of your website but above all to ensure that your website is efficient and up to date, particularly in terms of standards such as the GDPR or others.

How often to perform
a website audit?

There is no rule, but the best is to do it regularly, every three or six months depending on the size and complexity of the your website. Indeed, it is important to ensure that you are always up to date to maintain your performance, your SEO or even to respect legal standards and also not to fall behind the competition.

How to perform
a website audit?

Via a specialized web agency. At Devloop, we have developed our own tools or we use existing analysis tools in order to quickly dissect your website and extract areas for improvement and the web strategy to adopt.

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