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SEO is the acronym for «Search Engine Optimization».

SEO brings together a set of techniques and practices implemented to position a website at the top of the first pages of results on a search engine (like Google, Firefox, Opera or others...). Also called «natural referencing», its objective is to improve the visibility of a website and therefore its traffic and its notoriety, but it also makes it possible to increase the quality of traffic with users arriving on a site that meets their needs. Unlike paid referencing (or SEA - see below), SEO aims to reveal a website in the first organic results following a request from an Internet user according to its relevance and correspondence in order to best respond to the user's needs.

It should be noted that Google ranks as the leading search engine in France (94%) and in the world (92%), so it is THE inevitable search engine when we talk about SEO. The goal SEO is therefore to position a website among the first three results of the first page of Google because the latter represent almost 60% of the percentages of Internet users' clicks!

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This is the crux of the matter! Unfortunately, there are many SEO experts who think they know natural referencing techniques, but only a few understand how SEO works. You should know that SEO revolves around several areas but here are the three most important areas in SEO:

  • Technical optimization: this involves starting from a healthy base with a site developed in the right way. This is the first factor that will be analyzed by a search engine. This field is vast, but it concerns for example «title» or «meta» tags, semantic «hn» tags, internal linking, query errors, optimization of images, cache, external links , etc...
  • Content optimization: the content of a site is the basis which will determine its positioning or not. The latter must be original, quality, unique, and meet the expectations of Internet users. The more qualitative the content, the more it will be highlighted by Google.
  • User optimization: the ergonomics of the site and its user experience are very important criteria in the natural referencing of a website. This involves optimizing your website with the user in mind: optimized loading time, light images, ease of understanding the site, ease of navigation, «responsive» and «mobile friendly» website, text size , etc...

By working on these three points, your SEO will become natural and you will already see clear improvements in search engine results.

To go further, only a specialized agency can help you position yourself among the best search results. At Devloop, we audit your website and we use our analysis tools to provide you with a detailed report on On-Page or Off-Page criteria and possible improvements to your website.

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What is SEA?

The «natural referencing» (or SEO) is to be differentiated from the «paid referencing» (or SEA for «Search Engine Advertising») which aims to place advertisements at the top of the results of search engine pages.

We have written, for you, an entire section dedicated to online advertising, GoogleAds campaigns and SEA in general:

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What are the different SEO categories?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Thanks to the experience of our developers, SEO or natural referencing has no secrets for us. Each site is optimized for you.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising)

Experts in natural referencing, we are also able to manage your Google Ads advertising campaigns and your paid referencing.

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Via the media and social networks, we develop the visibility of your company to improve its presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc...).

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is the combination of the three previous techniques. It aims to improve the visibility of your brand and its presence on the web.

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