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What is emailing?


It is a practice which consists of sending electronic mail (emails or newsletters) to a group of contacts to communicate information, to promote products or services, to share new content and to maintain a link with its customers.

Emailing is nowadays an essential marketing tool! It allows, among other things, to build customer loyalty by promoting new products or services but also by keeping up to date with news, information or news about your company. It is a real tool for direct communication with your contacts.

At Devloop, we manage email campaigns for large companies like Rallye du Maroc or others. Contact us if you too, you need professionals to manage your marketing campaigns!

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Why do emailing?

Communicating with your customers or prospects is essential to grow your business. In addition to social networks, emailing is very useful for winning over new customers or retaining target audiences. This practice has many advantages:

  • Saves time and money: easy to set up and quick, the emailing saves you considerable time! No need to contact your customers one by one, all you need is a database of your customers to contact them all at once! In addition, the automation of emailing campaigns allows you to save even more time by organizing in advance!
  • Reasonable cost: emailing is an affordable solution. It is a service that comes in the form of monthly subscriptions adapted to the customer's needs. Everything is configurable: the number of contacts, the maximum number of emails per day or per month, limits on design, personalization, sending daily newspapers, etc...
  • Customer loyalty: contrary to popular belief, email has a good image and good reputation ! If the customer base is well targeted and the sending frequency is well chosen, this communication channel allows you to get to know your customers and build their loyalty with the help of promotional offers, welcome offers, advice, advantages, etc... serving to create links between you and your customers!
  • Boost your brand image: give free rein to your creativity and put promote your brand image! With emailing, create original and important newsletters that use your codes and your visual identity. Strengthen the credibility of your company and its seriousness with professional newsletters!
  • Customizable emails: everything is customizable in order to highlight your values, your identity, your brand image, you can even name your customers so as not to give the impression of an impersonal mass mailing and respond to them personally.
  • Very profitable: today, emailing is the most profitable marketing channel with an ROI (return on investment) of almost 3800%!! Don't hesitate to create your email campaign to get your business off the ground!
  • Simple and effective analysis: the deliverability rate of a email campaign is excellent. Around 78% of emails reach their targets, which is more than posts on social networks. Analyzing an email campaign is very simple with figures that are easy to obtain and analyze: opening rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, etc. At Devloop, we provide you with campaign reports personalized!

How to do eco-responsible emailing or « green emailing » ?

To apply the principle of eco-responsibility to emailing, it's simple: you have to be sober and efficient! Sending and storing emails represents 0, 2% of digital greenhouse gas emissions. Although much less consuming than streaming and video, and being considered the “greenest” communication channel, there are still many areas for improvement:

  • Weight: a light email is an eco-responsible email! Avoid if possible to attach large files to your emails and favor file sharing via a link to online hosting solutions such as GoogleDrive for example. If this is not possible, compress your file!
  • The target: avoid spam and mass mailing at all costs! Do not send your emails to just anyone, spam is punishable and consumes a lot of time energy unnecessarily. Sort your databases and contacts, send your emails to the right recipients, those who will be interested in your content.
  • Frequency: choose good dosage: it is better to send a larger email per month bringing together all the necessary information than an email every week! This way, you will tire your reader less with too many emails and you will arouse their interest more with more detailed and captivating content.
  • The analysis: analyzing your emailing campaigns is essential, you will be able to decide on the necessity or frequency of certain email sendings, on their relevance or targeting in order to constantly improve your next campaigns!

The Rallye du Maroc, a trusted partner

For years, we have been proud to support the Rallye du Maroc, a world-famous event. The Rallye team trusts us to manage their newsletters and press releases throughout the year and during the event.

Morocco Rally
Morocco Rally
Morocco Rally
Morocco Rally

Frequently asked questions

What is eco-responsible emailing?

There are several factors to take into account when you want to do eco-responsible emailing or «green emailing»: pay attention to the weight of your emails, clearly define your targets and avoid sending emails mass, determine the appropriate sending frequency and analyze your campaigns in detail.

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How to create a good email campaign?

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