Web maintenance
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A site or application that lasts is better!

After each project at Devloop, whether or not you subscribe to one of our maintenance plans, a one-month guarantee is offered to you! To go further, we offer different maintenance solutions.

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Web maintenance

What is
web maintenance?

Maintaining performance, SEO, bug resolution, hosting management, analysis and monthly code review, updates, etc... A site is good! A site maintained and updated day, which lasts over time, is better!

The maintenance of a website consists of a process of updating, analysis, changes, debugging, compliance, etc... of your website so that it is always efficient and up to date. There are several types and degrees of maintenance depending on the type of website. Maintenance also allows you to maintain a site referenced by search engines or to improve its ranking.

What are the different
types of web maintenance?

Emergency maintenance

This is the urgent bug fix that may occur when using your website. We guarantee a response within 24 hours!

Perfective maintenance

Here, it's about perfecting your site based on user feedback by improving the present functionalities and the user experience.

Adaptive maintenance

Maintain site performance by updating the different technologies used or maintain security of your web page are part of adaptive maintenance actions.

Preventive maintenance

This type of maintenance concerns performance optimization and prevention of possible bugs. This is to improve the «maintainability» of the website.

Corrective maintenance

Here, it is about correcting possible minor bugs, display or user experience defects or other «logical bugs» that may occur during of the use of your website.

At Devloop, we have chosen to offer you several offers with different degrees of maintenance in order to allow you to find the maintenance solution you need!

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