L'Ànima del bosc

Taste the breath of nature

We are very proud to present the brand new ecommerce from Ànimà del Bosc!

Come and discover the products of Laurence, naturopath and nutritionist, 100% natural and Andorran - harvested by hand in the Ordino and Madriu valleys, a biosphere reserve and UNESCO world heritage site!

It is with pleasure that we supported Ànima del Bosc, a company that shares our values and respect for the environment!




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L'Ànima del bosc
L'Ànima del bosc

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Laurence entrusted us with the redesign of his entire website, the only prerequisite: that it be respectful of the environment ! No problem, we made him a superb eco-responsible e-commerce! Using the latest technologies and applying the principles of eco-web design, we have optimized its site to be a real super light, fast and efficient tool ! A real online store, delivered with its back office, Laurence can manage her business with complete peace of mind.



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Lower energy consumption

In order to finalize the eco-design and respect Laurence's wishes and our principles, we have put this site online on our eco-responsible servers, called “green”. With a lightweight site, consuming fewer resources, hosted on machines whose energy consumption is compensated or whose source comes from 100% renewable energies, it is an environmentally friendly tool that we delivered to Laurence and l'Ànima del bosc!

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L'Ànima del bosc

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