A look back at L’Ànima del Bosc’s eco-web design

Case study


A look back at L’Ànima del Bosc’s eco-web design

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Back in detail on our latest creation: a brand new and eco-designed e-commerce site! Contacted by Laurence, founder of L'Ànima del Bosc and nature enthusiast, our team was entrusted with the creation of this company's online store, specializing in the sale of natural products from the valleys of Andorra. Among the prerequisites: the eco-design of the website to “match” with the values held by Laurence. It was therefore with pleasure that we tackled the eco-design of its web page.

Becoming specialists in website eco-design over the years, we have applied the best practices and techniques linked to this approach:

  • Image optimization,
  • Cache management,
  • Reduction in the number of requests,
  • Choice of the right technologies,
  • Simple and sober design going to the essential,
  • Choice of eco-responsible accommodation,
  • Etc...

Simple but effective, these settings and optimizations allow us to arrive at an optimized, fast and lightweight site and therefore a site highlighted by search engines like Google.

A concrete result

Eco-web design

Eco-designing a site is good. Eco-designing a site and seeing the result is better. Many tools, accessible to everyone, today allow you to measure the carbon impact of your website or to measure its performance and its weight and therefore its impact on the environment.

At Devloop, we are committed to providing you with a product that meets your expectations. We apply all our knowledge to the design of your website to provide you with a high-end, efficient, referenced and environmentally friendly rendering.

Eco-web design

Case study

Eco-responsible web

Eco-friendly website

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